Cast and Crew


Writer/Director Chris Mortensen is a television producer and documentary filmmaker whose many programs have appeared worldwide. In the U.S. his documentary subjects have ranged from Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, Hermann Goering and John Paul Jones to American Gangsters, the HIV crisis and the Iraq War. From Professional Wrestling to Halle Berry to the Suez Canal, his programs have appeared on Discovery, A&E, History Channel, ESPN, Fox Sports, BET, TV One, et al.


John Allison
Clifford Asness
Mike Berliner
Andrew Bernstein
Harry Binswanger
Yaron Brook
Northrup Buechner
Jennifer Burns
Corey Bustamante
Rep. John Campbell
Christopher Cerf
Corey Clark
Dan Cloer
Reut Cohen
James Ellias
Charlene Fowler
Erin Fowler
Nicole Gelinas
Richard Graham
Matthew Harrison
Anne C. Heller
James M. Kilts
John W. McIntyre
Michael Mignogna
Kendall Murfas
Kevin O’Connor
Amy Peikoff
Elliot Persico
Richard E. Ralston
Al Ruddy
Ed Snider
Michael Walsh
Lisa Wolf


Chris Mortensen

Executive Producer
John Corry

Associate Producer
Fawaz Al-Matrouk

Martin Singer

Associate Editor
Laura Somers

Main Title Design
Jeff Barkema

Jamecia Blount

L.A. Camera
Al Broderick

N.Y. Camera
Mark Simon

Philadelphia Camera
Rob Marish

Additional Photography
Fawaz Al-Matrouk
Chris Mortensen

Gary Anthony Williams

Nick Jameson
Raija Baroudi

Novel characters
Tyrel Janos
Caitlyn Tella
Robert Tasch
Arch Darrow
Chris Hamel
Art Roberts
Giovanni Cirfiera

Creative Consultant
Jeff Britting

Post Production
A. Smith Co.
Jonathan Goldberg

Roundabout Entertainment
Mike Esfahanian

Title graphics
Paul Meraz

Special Thanks
Dmitry Balyasny
Carl B. Barney
Kevin O’Connor
John McIntyre

Leonard Peikoff

A. Smith Co.
Frank Sinton
Shay Howard
Kysha Mounia

Ayn Rand Institute
Yaron Brook
Anu Seppula

Garson Yu
Carol Wong
Gary Mortensen
Colleen Wong
Mark Rowland